Nov 7th, 2012

oh hello tumblr, it’s been awhile. do people still use this thing? maybe when they’re nursing a fierce cold and dealing with the time change like myself? can’t sleep to save my life!

life is grand! aside from this cold, and the NHL lockout. i miss hockey more than i thought i would. but think of all the money i’m saving. and that the hockey girls and i will most likely be in vegas over what would have been all star weekend. i’ll take it, any reason to celebrate, right?!

speaking of vegas, my bff is getting married next september and of course, yours truly is the maid of honor. going to have to plan the most amazing vegas bachelorette party ever, but that won’t be too hard! and the speech i have been working in since i met the bitch, so you know that will be YouTube worthy. going to be the best summer of celebrations! i can’t freaking wait.

work is so great. sometimes i step back and think how crazy it is that I get paid to dress up people all day. friends and family was the craziest weekend of my retail career but i got a $1400 paycheck. FOR ONE WEEK. lol what is my life?! best job in the world. and my wardrobe is starting to get so ridiculous. i’m thinking when we move out, that a two room apartment will be necessary just so i have a room for my clothes. rough life, haha.

joey is perfection. i still can’t believe someone loves me as deeply as he does. all he wants is to take care of me, protect me and make sure happy. he reminds me every moment how beautiful i am (even when I have a tissue hanging out of my nose, coughing my lungs out) and how lucky he is to have me. i’m the lucky one, really. it’s been two years already and i can’t wait to start our next chapter!

overall, i’m just too blessed to be stressed

Aug 4th, 2012
#katespade candyshop jillian dress on this gloomy saturday.  (Taken with Instagram)
Aug 1st, 2012
a little dorothy parker & @katespadeny wisdom.  (Taken with Instagram)
Jul 28th, 2012
i’m obsessed with merissa’s new tattoo!  (Taken with Instagram)
Jul 25th, 2012
slow down, you know you can’t catch me. @amela922  (Taken with Instagram at Sharks Ice at San Jose)
Jul 21st, 2012
my love! (Taken with Instagram)
Jul 21st, 2012
bridesmaidssss! (Taken with Instagram)
Jul 14th, 2012
malibu pineapple cranssss! (Taken with Instagram)
Jul 13th, 2012
death by sushi. (Taken with Instagram at Sushi Island)
Jul 4th, 2012
always the most festive. happy 4th ❤💙🇺🇸 (Taken with Instagram)
Jul 1st, 2012
july first makes me miss the sharks so much that i start dressing like one. (Taken with Instagram)
Jun 27th, 2012
alameda calorie fair with my honey! (Taken with Instagram at Alameda County Fairgrounds)
Jun 26th, 2012
newest #katespade bag, little minka in oyster. #obsessed  (Taken with Instagram)
Jun 20th, 2012
vegas night two! (Taken with Instagram at XS Nightclub)
Jun 19th, 2012
vegas night one! (Taken with Instagram at Wynn Hotel Tower Suites)